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We Must Bury You -2-
Chapter 2
The yellow, withered stalks of grass growing out from between the wide cracks in asphalt creaked, bending and fracturing under the pressure of heavy footsteps. It was dark. The moon has arisen, the wind stilled and only from time to time silent wails came echoing from among the nearby trees.
The man, who left the railway behind a few hours ago – it turned left, curled and melted into the forests, while he didn't yet plan on curling and melting at all - was now heading west, brooding and gathering his thoughts. Thinking and trying to remember.
He could vaguely recall dark stuffy boot of a car and three faces. The noose, the tree, laughing voices, smirking lips, and blood running cold in his veins just a few seconds before it run hot down his face. He remembered the pain and the moment when he stopped breathing. And that was all. Not too many memories to treasure, really.
But then the demon did once again take the cold silvery band out of his dirty pocket and absent
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Gaia - Sayurisaya :iconrazielofkendermore:RazielOfKendermore 2 22
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We Must Bury You -1-
Summary: A man returns from the beyond as a demon to finish some unfinished business. He has to find his name and water his flowers. Someone he has to kill and someone he has to seduce… but what if it happens to be the very same person? The world of ghosts, monsters and faceless cats invites you to step in. [SLASH]
Warnings: foul language and slash (yaoi, mxm, or whatever you call it) in later chapters. Heh, maybe I should call this ‘Dead in Bed’ after all… *joke* XDD
NOTICE: plz, listen to the main theme song! Link in description.
And now, enjoy the story, my imaginary readers! :C
We Must Bury You
Chapter 1
The train crawled across the bridge slowly like a caterpillar. Its steady rattle flushed the ghosts out of the shadows; like a flock of frightened birds they sprung away from above the pile of rubbish and floating fearfully through the trunks of the scorched trees, soon they have once again returned into the brick dus
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dead and moved
Current Residence: Among the Demons
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well, so you've probably noticed I've been missing on dA for some time :B For those who don't already know: partially the reason for it is Gaia, but main reason is that my father announced I can use computer 15 minutes a day during schoolyear x__X

But well, I kind of started missing this place so here I am back. On a different account though 8DDD

I do no longer feel like RazielOfKendermore really...

anyways, I'll rewatch everybody I watched on this account. If you watched me here you can also rewatch me there and it would be really lovely, but it's up to you ^__~

I'll probably remove all deviations from here. But I need more time to think it over.

And oh, I know still have comments to answer.

Anyways. Farewell old account.


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you like dragons?
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O ty z polski jestes !!!!!!!!!!! to ja ide komenta jeszcze raz napisac O.O
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thanks for the :+fav: =)
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Hi there! You have a great gallery :nod: Just to let you know that you have been featured in my Halloween Special Journal here: [link]
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Thank you for faving my Ariel. ^_^
:giggle: Little half-skeleton mermaid?
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hej D: gdzie cie wessalo ze Cie tak dlugo nie ma? .____. ^^'
RazielOfKendermore Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2007
jestem tylko nie mam na dA siły i czasu bo ojciec mi ograniczył komputer do 15 minut dziennie ;3;
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Osz! Tough!
Prpopnuje zaiwanic kompa i podlaczyc pod mostem xB
RazielOfKendermore Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2007
8DD *szuka mostu* chwilowo spokój bo ojciec pojechał na działkę. ale jutro mamy do niego dojechać :faint:
TheDavin Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2007
ała D: szkoda .3. *a w ogole, co za pomysly, przez 15 minut nic sie nia da zrobic :x * uh, mam nadzieje, ze niedlugo bedziesz sie tu mogla normalnie pojawiac :hug:
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